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Introducing CleanQ3

id Software has once again been kind enough to release the full source code to one of their products. The Quake3 engine has been very successful, powering many quality games. Since the source codes release, various websites and message boards have discussed bug fixes for the existing product. Fortunately, there are fewer bugs to fix in the Quake3 source than there were in prior source code releases.

A couple of sites have talked about creating a community codebase which would serve as a "reference" engine, or codebase, that newcomers could be referred to when they were looking for source code. Unfortunately, trying to get the community to agree on what needs to be done has been difficult, and some of these core projects have already morphed from cleaning up the existing codebase to modifying substantial subsystems in the code. Many of these extra changes are certainly worthwhile, but it doesn't keep with the core intention of simply creating a "clean" source code repository.

At present, I am putting my initial Quake3 project plans on hold in order to create a CleanQ3 codebase.

Here is the current status:

Version History

Clean Quake 3 v0.5.2:

- Implemented SV_Kick_f fix from ensiform which fixes kicking bots
- Implemented misantropia's snaps fix
- Removed Team Arena option from main menu, still accessabile under MODS
- Implemented ensiform's ATi skybox fix
- Implemented Kaziganthe's TA menu fix that allows showing all gametypes
in Skirmish menu

Clean Quake 3 v0.5.1:

- Fixed Dlights shining through walls
- Modified main menu to fix overlapping menu options due to allowing the running of mods with the demo version
- Removed joystick support
- Fixed menu bug where it wouldn't show the Controls menu
- Slowed down how often FPS display is updated to make it more readable

Clean Quake 3 v0.5.0:

- More QSG bug fixes
- Implemented bug fixes from Quake3World.Com
- Got source code to compile with 17 warnings, but no errors
- Add #pragma to silence warnings for now
- A couple of basic bug fixes
- Increased hunk to 128MB default, 64MB min
- Integrated TTK-Bandit's Clean game source
- Disabled the id logo cinematic at startup
- Removed restriction to allow running mods with demo pak
- Tweaked compile settings
- Added Pheonix's long server uptime bug fix
- Numerous small bug fixes as mentioned on QSG

ToDo List

- Resolve all compile warnings (17 of them) - *done v0.5.0*
- Increase hunk size - *done v0.5.0*
- Read up on all command line switches
- Replace strcat with Q_strcat in CL_rcon_f
- Remove CD Key check ?
- Remove CD check ?
- Remove check with authentication server ?
- Remove registration check (allow running mods with demo pak0.pk3) - *done v0.5.0*
- Remove unnecessary #IF's and #IFDEF's
- Add back lens flare for dlights
- Implement Dairyman's Team Arena style menus for standard Q3
- Implement Dairyman's Team Arena style hud for standard Q3 ?
- Fix compile warning regarding /LTCG
- Look into bot chat and MOD stuff
- Look into bot AI
- Change FPS counter to only update once/sec for better readability - *done v0.5.1*
- Review max player limit
- Center main HUD elements
- Add generic Save/Load game functionality ?
- Continue implementing bug fixes as found - *ongoing*
- Add light blooms
- Change snaps cap to equal servers FPS setting - *done v0.5.2*
- Fix bots getting dropped in password protected game - *done v0.5.2*
- Remove Team Arena from main menu (still accessable under MODS) - *done v0.5.2*
- Make blood stain/impact decals not fade

As with all of my projects, check the Files page for latest downloads.

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